bird with shallow depth of field

How to Control Depth of Field in your Photos

Learning how to control the Depth of Field in your photos is probably the single biggest way that you can make an artistic impact, other than maybe changing the composition of the photo itself.

I love playing with the depth of field to achieve different effects, whether it’s producing a soft, blurred background to really bring all the attention to my subject, or when shooting landscapes, making sure that everything is in sharp, precise, focus, from that tree branch in the foreground, to those mountain peaks 20 miles away.

Today I’m going to share with you how to control the depth of field in your photos. But first, what is the depth of field precisely?

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How to get a Blurry Background Effect in your Photos

One of my favorite photography tricks is to shoot photos with a blurry background effect, also known technically as bokeh. It really draws attention to the subject you are focusing on in your photo while still giving the viewer an idea of the overall context in which it was taken.

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