photographer shooting down a street

Inspiration: 5 Masters of Street Photography

Though nothing beats getting out into the world with your camera, as with any art, it pays to learn from the greats. With that in mind I’m kicking off a new series – ‘Five Masters of…’ – detailing my favourite photographers working across different fields. Without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, here are our inspirational and influential top five street photographers. Fancy hitting the streets yourself? Also check out our 5 Ways to Improve your Candid Street Photography and get your Cartier-Bresson on!

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old hands on a piano

6 Photography Competitions you can enter for fun, fame, and prizes!

No matter how seriously you take your art — you may be an aspiring photojournalist or simply enjoy taking snaps of friends — there is nothing like a little competition to sharpen your skills. Entering photography competitions and running for prizes is a great way to get feedback, exposure (no pun intended!) and recognition for your creativity. Working to brief can be inspiring for the amateur photographer, as is gaining insight from fellow competitors. It will also force you to snazz up your portfolio and present your work in a professional fashion, which isn’t a bad thing! Take a peek at our list of interesting competitions  in the world of photography, and remember it is the taking part — not the winning that counts!

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blueberry parfait

Food Photography: 5 Tips for Drool-Worthy Photos

Your freshly baked rustic apple pie is a feast for the senses. The sweet aroma of apples, cinnamon and mulled spices wafts through the kitchen. The perfectly crimped crust promises buttery bliss in each bite and the sticky caramel-glazed apples peeking through the crisscrossed topping shout out ‘I’m ready for my close-up’.

You rush off to get your camera only to discover that the lifeless, pie-tastrophe in the photo is a far cry from the window display-worthy dessert on your counter top.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Capturing your kitchen creations on camera can be tricky!

But, before you throw in the apron and curse the pie gods, take a minute to read our trusted food photography tips for drool-worthy, ‘I’ve gotta eat that now!’ photos.

Whether you are a food blogger looking to showcase your recipes, an avid baker or restaurant paparazzi, snapping pics of your meal before you dig in, our top 5 tips will help you to improve your food photography and leave your friends and readers drooling over their keyboards.

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blonde woman in black and white

5 Hottest Young Photographers Today

In a bit of a pictorial rut? Taking photos of the same old scenes? If you are in the need of some inspiration there is nothing better than heading to you nearest photo book shop or flicking through the pages of FOAM to motivate you to pick up your camera with renewed gusto.

Whatever your personal style, I thoroughly recommend getting acquainted with the international hotbed of talent out there. The photographic scene is full of people making astonishing and innovative work that you can learn from. And where better to look than to the bright young things of the present? Here’s our rundown of the five coolest (…and youngest!) kids on the block right now.

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beach in australia at dusk

Night Photography Tips: Here Comes the Darkness

So much of the world comes to life after the lights go down – cities become magical new playgrounds and the stars illuminate naturescapes. Taking your camera out after hours is therefore an inherently sensible idea. Night photography is challenging – it takes patience, some good equipment, technical prowess… and most of all — patience!

If you are looking for some inspiration I’d recommend checking out the stunning work of veteran night photographer Michael Kenna. Going nocturnal will give you an acute understanding of how you are using light, make you more aware of ISO and exposure and subsequently improve your technical photography across the board.

Here are five simple steps to get you started…

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african child face

5 Ways to Improve your Candid Street Photography

Armed with an iPhone, the world and his aunt considers himself a street photographer nowadays, but it takes a certain intuition, perfect conditions and an element of luck to shot something special.

Before you even leave your front door study the masters of the craft: Henri Cartier Bresson, William Klein and Daido Moriyama, to name but a few. These guys were not capturing extraordinary times or unusual situations but their photographs remain iconic for their candid honesty.

It’s all about getting familiar with your camera so you can work fast, wearing dark clothing, keeping your elbows in and heading for the street! Here are five pointers to help you on your way…

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sharp cat nose

12 Tips to getting Tack Sharp Photos

If there’s one thing that sets professional photographers apart from the amateurs, it’s the sharpness of the photos they take. And I’m not simply talking about sharp. I’m talking about tack sharp photos — those that are so clear that there is not even the slightest hint of blurriness, even when zoomed in 100%.

It turns out that there isn’t really a whole lot of magic to achieving tack sharp photos. I’ve compiled a list of 12 tips below that you can use regardless of your skill level. It just takes some practise, but you’ll notice the results right away!

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selfie with fake blood

Top 4 iPhone Selfie Apps that will make you look Amazing

There are literally hundreds of camera and photography apps available for the iPhone. Today though, I’m going to take a look and let you know what I think the best iPhone Selfie Apps are.

Selfie apps are different than regular iPhone camera apps because they are optimized to use the front facing camera and usually include some form of automatic skin or face retouching that will make you look better. These “fixes” vary from very subtle (my preference) to the very extreme.

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bird with shallow depth of field

How to Control Depth of Field in your Photos

Learning how to control the Depth of Field in your photos is probably the single biggest way that you can make an artistic impact, other than maybe changing the composition of the photo itself.

I love playing with the depth of field to achieve different effects, whether it’s producing a soft, blurred background to really bring all the attention to my subject, or when shooting landscapes, making sure that everything is in sharp, precise, focus, from that tree branch in the foreground, to those mountain peaks 20 miles away.

Today I’m going to share with you how to control the depth of field in your photos. But first, what is the depth of field precisely?

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