photographer shooting down a street

Inspiration: 5 Masters of Street Photography

Though nothing beats getting out into the world with your camera, as with any art, it pays to learn from the greats. With that in mind I’m kicking off a new series – ‘Five Masters of…’ – detailing my favourite photographers working across different fields. Without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, here are our inspirational and influential top five street photographers. Fancy hitting the streets yourself? Also check out our 5 Ways to Improve your Candid Street Photography and get your Cartier-Bresson on!

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old hands on a piano

6 Photography Competitions you can enter for fun, fame, and prizes!

No matter how seriously you take your art — you may be an aspiring photojournalist or simply enjoy taking snaps of friends — there is nothing like a little competition to sharpen your skills. Entering photography competitions and running for prizes is a great way to get feedback, exposure (no pun intended!) and recognition for your creativity. Working to brief can be inspiring for the amateur photographer, as is gaining insight from fellow competitors. It will also force you to snazz up your portfolio and present your work in a professional fashion, which isn’t a bad thing! Take a peek at our list of interesting competitions  in the world of photography, and remember it is the taking part — not the winning that counts!

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